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Welcome to Hakata Tonton

We invite you to try Hakata Tonton’s Authentic Kyushu Japanese Soul Food.

We have a number of dishes which may same strange to the eye, but are delicious renditions of the food made famous in Hakata, Japan.

Pork, Collagen, and Cod Roe are all specialties of the region and you can enjoy them in various combinations on our Japanese fusion style menu.

Our food is made to share and does not come in any particular order, as is the tradition in Hakata. We invite you to be adventurous and try a number of small plate items so that you get a feeling for our savory cuisine.

We have chosen a number of unique wines and Japanese sake we feel goes well with our savory cuisine and invite you to try a glass or a bottle.

We have priced our wines by the bottle way below what most restaurants charge, so you can enjoy without hurting your wallet.

Finally, we invite you to try our collagen cuisine. It’s great for your skin and most importantly, we think you will love our presentation and taste.

We hope to welcome you soon at Hakata Tonton !

Hakata Tonton NYC

m: +1 212-242-3699

61 Grove St, New York, NY 10014, United States
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